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August Edition
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Cultivate in August

August is Garden Month on the Farm - a month spent enjoying the abundance of our garden. Soak in every minute of this summer sunshine while picking delicious blackberries, kayaking in the river, or enjoying a garden fresh dinner as the sun sets over the mountains. Find out what you can cultivate this August by reading this month’s edition of Friends of the Farm.

Featured Perk

Beloved by guests for years, this behind-the-scenes tour of Blackberry’s artisanal approach is a journey for the senses.


Singer-Songwriter Emmylou Harris returns for another much-anticipated visit to Blackberry Farm.


For the Second Annual Pro-Am Classic, avid cyclists will ride in a thrilling competition set in our beautiful corner of the Smokies.


Join Senior Instructor and Teacher-Trainer Chrissy Carter of Yoga Works for our Body and Soul event.

Featured Friend
Featured Friend
Alice Waters
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Blackberry Farm Hot Dog Bar

Farm Fresh Facts

We serve hazelnuts and sliced BBF charcuterie to every table before their meal as a way of paying homage to the Farm.